Safe, natural, skincare

Quit putting harmful chemicals on your skin

Natural Ingredients

If it's not safe for your skin, we don't use it

Cruelty Free

We only test products with human volunteers

Made in the USA

Our company is based in Denver, CO

Our Story

The pursuit of a healthier tomorrow

We got fed up with using products full of chemicals, dyes, and fragrances. When looking for better alternatives, the options were pretty few and far between. That led us to develop a line of high-quality, eco-friendly, organic skincare products. Our products are formulated to be the best-in-category with no compromises.

As seen in

"Mineral's products stand as a testament to the company's core values: purity and transparency."

"[Their products eliminate] any dependency on synthetic additives."

"[Mineral caters] to a world awakening to the harmful effects of so many chemicals we put into our bodies every day."

"[Their] formulations help redefine the category..."

"[Mineral ensures] consumers understand exactly what they are applying on their skin—no more, no less."

"[Mineral] is driven by its foundational belief in harnessing natural ingredients..."

"I love the fresh, clean feeling this soap leaves. It almost feels gross to go back to normal body wash." - Mike S.


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