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Basic skincare essentials made with all-natural ingredients.

Get started with the essentials

All the hydration, minerals, & vitamins your skin needs—for your face and everywhere else

Upgrade your shower experience

Ditch the blue goo "body wash" and start using actual soap

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"[Mineral ensures] consumers understand exactly what they are applying on their skin—no more, no less."

"Mineral's products stand as a testament to the company's core values: purity and transparency."

"[Mineral caters] to a world awakening to the harmful effects of so many chemicals we put into our bodies every day."

Ditch the time-sucking routine

We could try to sell you multiple products as part of a "system" like every other skincare company, but that's not our style. Our products are designed to give your skin what it needs with the fewest steps and in the shortest time possible.

30-Day Guarantee

If you don't experience the clearest, healthiest skin you've ever had, get a full refund with no questions asked

Made in the USA

We make, store, and ship our products out of our facility in Denver, Colorado

Top-Notch Ingredients

Our products only contain high-quality, natural ingredients, most of which are food-grade (but still don't eat them)

Made without harmful chemicals

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (phthalates) are common ingredients in almost all skincare products. They have harmful effects on your hormone system and can lower testosterone production. Mineral products are the safer alternative.

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What makes Mineral different?

Made for Men

We started out by making products for ourselves. There were no options for skincare products that had minimal ingredients, no harmful chemicals, and didn't require a time-consuming daily routine. So we made our own.

The Natural Alternative

Most skincare companies focus on strong scents and marketing gimmicks while packing their products full of chemicals and preservatives. We're committed to only using natural, time-tested ingredients in all our products.

Born in Colorado

Mineral is a startup company founded by Logan Sack, a healthy living enthusiast, out of a small warehouse in Denver, one of the most physically active and health-conscious cities in America.

"I love the fresh, clean feeling this soap leaves. It almost feels gross to go back to normal body wash." - Mike S.


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